Dump Alito and Thomas and Cannon - a real grassroots action

We all know what Justice Alito did. Yes, the flag thing, and the other flag thing, and then trying to blame it on his wife.  And we all know that Judge Aileen Cannon is slow-walking the documents case in Florida so that it doesn't come to trial before the election.  And clearly Justice Thomas' wife was an active supporter of the January 6th, and he somehow believes that he can maintain the illusion that he is impartial.  

Alito has stated that he won't recuse himself, and Roberts has said he won't meet with Senate Democrats. Please do this anyway. I address this below. 

Enough is enough. 

Click below to file a complaint with the Supreme Court about Alit0.

If you have problems displaying or printing, try the PDF below. 

Click below to file a complaint with the 11th Circuit about Cannon.

If you have problems displaying or printing, try the PDF below. 

Click below to file a complaint with the Supreme Court about Thomas.

If you have problems displaying or printing, try the PDF below. 

The documents consist of four or five pages: one or two pages of instructions, and three pages to fill out, print, and physically mail to the Clerk of the Court. The address of the Clerk is provided.  You will need a printer, an envelope, a stamp, and a pen. For extra credit on Justices Alito and Thomas, I've also suggested calling  Senator Dick Durbin, Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, and Representative  Jamie Raskin. In addition to calling them, I suggest mailing them copies to give him tangible evidence of public concern over Justices Alito and Thomas, so their addresses are also provided. 

All you need to do is open the document with an editor like Word, fill in your contact information, print and sign the document, and send it in.  If you can't get that to work properly, keep reading below.

You can modify the text on the final page if you want, but simply having the complaints piling up in their mailroom is more likely to make a difference than whatever you or I can write.  I'm pretty sure that everyone at the Supreme Court and the 11th Circuit is already very familiar with the circumstances. 

Some people have asked if they can fill in the personal information by hand. The complaint form specifies that the information should be typed in, so they could technically reject the complaint if it's handwritten. My take on this is that if you really need to hand write instead of type, it's better to have the complaint filed than not to have it filed. Please type it if you can, but if you can't, send it anyway. 

As noted at the bottom of the instructions, I am not a professional activist. I'm just a guy who is deeply concerned about our country, and I see this as something that we can do as citizens.  Feel free to distribute this document freely, with or without my information. I'm not looking for recognition, I just want to get the job done. 

If anything in the instructions or the document is confusing, please send me an email via the form on the contact page, and I'll see what I can do to make it clearer. I want this to be super easy. 

About Alito's statement that he won't recuse himself: yeah, that was kind of expected, and I'm not really surprised. Fine, whatever. We should still do this. There are three ways to get him off the case or off the court: he could do it voluntarily (on which he could still change his mind, but I'm not holding my breath), Roberts could pressure him into doing it (still not holding my breath, but possible), and being  impeached. That's not going to happen unless there's a change in the makeup of both the House and Senate, and to do that we need to VOTE, but in the meantime we need the Senate to hold some hearings and make some noise. That's why I am suggesting sending copies of the complaints to Senators Durbin and Whitehouse, and to Representative Raskin so he can make some noise with them.  Representatives Comer and Jordan have been making lots of noise and getting press coverage over absolutely nothing for over a year. The Judiciary Committee could at the very least hold some hearings over the very real evidence of bias in our highest jurists. 

(Also: Justice Alito, it's not nice to throw your wife under the bus, even if it's expedient. ) 

Look what you did!!

This site has been up for just one week and it has had over 11,000 visitors!  WOW! I mean WOW!

What's next? Thomas is up, and join my blog about voting. 

As promised,  I created the complaint form about Judge Aileen Cannon, and now on Justice Thomas. 

Also, I've started a blog about voting. There's a link to it below. While sending formal complaints is a good way to start, ultimately we have to change the makeup of the Supreme Court and put some guardrails in place on it. The only path to doing that is through Congress and the only way to make those changes are through voting. We're up against a system of voting restrictions expressly intended to keep the minority in power.  The blog is about figuring out creative ways of ensuring a safe and fair election. 


Of course you are going to vote. 

Maybe you need to think about how to make sure that others can vote.  Check in with everyone you know about making a plan for voting. Organize water and food and bathroom breaks for voters standing in line. I'm aware that this is illegal in some states, so perhaps backpacks filled with supplies could be distributed to voters before they get in line. Get creative, people. And sometimes taking action runs the risk of arrest. 


Not to me. 

Write a check to Fani Willis, who is bearing the brunt of the Republican efforts to stop her from bringing Trump to trial.  Her site is faniforda.com. There's a link below, in blue. 

Also sign up for Jessica Craven's "Chop Wood Carry Water" on Substack. Her activism is truly inspiring. 

Keep the faith!

It's particularly difficult for many of us to believe that we have fallen so far and so fast from the pinnacle of democracy to a place where the threat of a fascist regime in our own country is real. 

So take some deep breaths and ask what you can do. Like filing a complaint against a corrupt justice or judge. Think about how important our democracy is and decide how far you are willing to go to defend it. Maybe that means risking arrest for distributing supplies to voters. 

Then go do it.  

Did I design this website in my sleep or what?

I hadn't intended to make a website for this. I had intended to just send out the documents, but some opportunities arose to bring them to a wider audience, and I needed a distribution method. 

I just picked a budget website provider and threw this together before lunch. This website has one function: to provide a place where you can download the documents. Maybe I'll make it sexier later. For now, I'm just happy to have it working, even with the artful black-and-white picture. 

Contact me if you have questions. 

Some people have asked "Who are you?" and one person said "This is cool, but I need to know about your funding sources."

 I'm 61 years old, White, male, living in Washington State. My day job is that I run an audio electronics repair shop. This operation to mobilize complaints and protests about our deeply flawed judiciary is run entirely from my laptop in our family room, powered by my espresso machine which is named Gort. My funding source is my existing bank account, but it's not really a thing, because I spend more on coffee in a week than I spent to get the website for a year.  Ask me if you need more details, but I hope that covers it. It's just me, my wife, and two 8-month-old puppies who are regularly featured in the blog. 

Here are Odin and Tyr, our campaign mascots. "When all else fails, bark really loudly at it."

So let's make some noise!  


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